Assets Discipline Developer

Moving Picture Company
Full Time


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Reporting to Head of Assets. The discipline developer plays a key role in establishing and facilitating the technical roadmap of the assets department. As discipline developer you will understand and feed into the improvement of department pipeline and workflows as defined by the heads of department for Modelling, Texturing and Look development. You must maintain a close relationship with senior artists in the various disciplines to build awareness of department needs, knowledge of user workflows and guide design and development of software department projects that service your disciplines. 

  • Lead development for next generation Texture/Lookdev toolset
  • Being a first line of support point of contact for all artists in the departments
  • Triaging support issues and either actioning them yourself or forwarding them on to the appropriate support queue
  • Maintaining department specific software projects and tools
  • Collaborating with software support to increase their efficiency when addressing issues with artist workflows they may be unfamiliar with
  • Creating quick scripts for bespoke tasks that would take artists far too long to perform by hand.
  • File system batch processes that involve per file name actions
  • Automated creation of complex assets that comply with MPC pipeline

With offices all over the globe, MPCFilm is one of the world leading visual effects studios, creating high-end VFX for feature film industries. Developing new visual effectstechniques and creating cutting edge productivity tools is vital to MPC’s continued success. 

  • Very strong python knowledge
  • C++ knowledge is a plus
  • Experience in fast paced support environment 
  • Including descriptive “doc-strings” with all written classes and functions for automated code reference documentation
  • Writing unit tests that run various production scenarios through your code so that bugs can be caught before deployed in production
  • Experience using one or all of the following applications as a techincal artist: Maya, Mari, Nuke, Katana, OpenGL
  • Basic knowledge of physically based rendering, PBR.
  • An understanding of artist workflows and how the tools they use work
  • Experience using the python API of a digital content creator application like the aforementioned
  • Familiarity with the concepts of registering files on a database to facilitate a large team of artists, working across multiple sites
  • A passion for moving technology forward to empower artist creativity through alleviation of multi stepped technical processes


Python, C++
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