Back-End Developer

Backend Developer
Full Time


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We are on a mission to revolutionize Sales industry using data science. Our product helps our customers to collect and enrich their target prospects. Our internal data processing combines human intelligence and data science to enable our customers to find perfect contact information and save to their existing platforms like Salesforce, etc.

The Challenge

  • We are at an exciting stage in our growth. We are getting traction with big customers, scaling out, and solving increasingly complex engineering problems.
  • Our systems are mostly written in Scala. We have used Kafka as backbone to communicate between our API server and micro-services. Smart architecture design is crucial in order to guarantee our micro-services based systems run smoothly and reliably. 
  • We're looking for someone who can drive our product backend integration features, refactor existing code for faster responses and becomes an important asset to the rest of the engineering team.
  • Data quality is one of the critical factors to make our product successful. We often have needs to process 3rd parties data and clean existing data using Spark. So you need to be comfortable writing Spark scripts.
  • We have very complex integrations with 3rd parties systems like Salesforce, etc. These integrations are core to what we're offering to our customers. We're looking for someone who is willing to listen to customer feedback to improve existing features and provide new features for customer success.

The Stack

  • Scala, Kafka, Spark, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Docker, Vue.js

The Team

We want team members with attributes like:

  • Focus on delivering value to the customer 
  • Strong belief in collaboration 
  • Passion that drives you to execute and innovate 
  • Ability to self-manage and take ownership of a feature 
  • Ability to juggle many projects and responsibilities
  • Extremely entrepreneurial and self-driven
  • Not afraid of a steep learning curve 
  • Passionate about building a big business that transforms the sales industry
  • Exceptional at writing scalable, production-ready code
  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Avoid over-engineering 
  • Simple designs and fast execution 
  • Discipline in following process and documenting your work

The Responsibilities

If you join LeadIQ, you will learn a lot: In terms of technical ability there are many cool tools, technologies, patterns and other great developers that will sharpen your skills. Personally you be given the chance to step up, lead and make your mark in a growing startup as we tackle the challenges in our next phase of growth.

On the technical front, we need you skilled in:

  • Scala (but experience in another functional language helps, e.g. Haskell or Clojure) 
  • Play framework 
  • Concurrency (futures, actors, basic understanding of threads)


Tip: Application Emails

We've noticed that people who include a brief description of themselves as well as their resume achieve better results than those who send a longer email when applying.