Junior Web Developer

Full Time


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As a Full Stack Web Developer @Metigy, you will be engineering solutions that use the best and most exciting technologies. Working in a cross-discipline team, you will help to plan, design and build web solutions. You naturally enjoy focusing on understanding the intricacies of technology and design to create immersive, reliable and rewarding customer experiences driven by as much data as possible.

Our mission is to help users succeed with our marketing assistant technology.

What you’ll be working on

  • Solving problems and sharing your proudest achievements
  • Creating modern interfaces using ReactJS, Redux and Node.js based interfaces using the latest build tools
  • Providing backend APIs and Services using PHP & Python tools and API based solutions
  • Writing unit tests and helping others to test their systems doing buddy coding
  • Contributing to and delivering our product roadmap
  • Collecting and Using Data to understand and optimise the Metigy platform

Who you are

  • You like to stay informed of industry trends and technologies in Web Development both excites and guides your technology decisions
  • Delivered a full-stack project developing an end to end solution and dipping your toes into other layers when you need to
  • Experience in testing your code and making sure it's fully tested else it's not ready to ship
  • You're familiar with ReactJS and Redux, WebPack and other build tools
  • PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3 and NodeJs are your tools of the trade, but sometimes you like to try out other languages
  • Working collaboratively with design, engineering and product teams is how you naturally work
  • You’ve worked for at least 2+ years in a web developer role

Added bonus

  • Mobile development
  • Python and the Django framework
  • Acquainted with Data Analytics and Science


Javascript, HTML, CSS
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