Senior Software Developer


This role will allow you to work in a small team and where you are empowered to make yourself and your team more productive on a daily basis. You should have the desire to grow and learn in an environment where you are valued and aptly rewarded; where using and contributing to open source are looked upon as an asset; where innovating and executing are core to your teams' beliefs.

Our ideal Senior Software Engineer- Backend will have:

  • A passion for building scalable web services
  • Proven experience building highly scalable and available production web services starting from the data storage layer
  • A desire to own design and architecture end to end
  • A philosophy of iteration and continuous improvement
  • A B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years’ experience in relevant software development

Our ideal Senior Software Engineer- Backend will be:

  • Knowledgeable of data storage and processing systems and web service APIs;
  • Fluent in one or more high level languages like Python, Ruby, etc
  • Able to write clean code that works, is readable, maintainable and follows best practices and coding standards, on schedule
  • Deeply versed in internet protocols and standards
  • Knowledgeable of scaling techniques (caching, queues, consistency, etc.).

Extra points if you have:

  • Experience with both SQL and databases
  • Deployed services to the cloud (especially using AWS services)
  • Built, deployed, and managed docker and Kubernetes based services
  • Extensive experience with *nix

Tip: Application Emails

We've noticed that people who include a brief description of themselves as well as their resume achieve better results than those who send a longer email when applying.