Innovation Developer


We’re looking for a full-stack Innovation Developer who will be the lead technologist on the Emerging Technology pillar.

What will you do?

  • Research emerging technologies, their alignment to enterprise and business line strategy, and determine implications of proposed solutions in an RBC context.
  • Develop the POC and forge relationships with other teams to make proposed solutions a reality. An understanding of the privacy, security, and risk implications of said technologies will serve you well.
  • Partner with other development teams and analytical/ops teams to obtain and deliver the necessary POC artefacts – be it working products, research decks, or thought leadership papers.
  • Understand when a research or development project needs to be cut to move onto the next piece of tech – careful identification of what’s a diamond in the rough vs. cool tech but a time waster, is key.
  • Speak to the technical merits and/or faults of an emerging technology and why it makes sense (or doesn’t) for a particular line of business to invest in it - recommend holding, assessing, trialing or adopting a particular technology.


What do you need to succeed?

  • Must-have
    • 1-3+ years of experience with different programming languages (e.g., Java / Spring Framework / Node.js / Angular.js / React.js / HTML / JavaScript / Python)
    • SecDevOps (e.g., Jenkins, Maven, Chef, Puppet, UrbanCode) but also appreciate the risk and security impacts of their deployments
    • Cloud (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Pivotal)
    • Experience with micro services architecture platforms (e.g., Node.js, Spring Boot)
    • Experience in or understanding of emerging technologies (e.g., AI, 5G, IOT, biometrics, voice, AR/VR, holography, robotics)
    • Able to handle and perform well with ambiguity and changing priorities

  • Nice-to-have
    • 2+ years of lead experience
    • Containerization
    • Experience with SQL, NoSQL and Big Data platforms (e.g.. Cassandra, Mongo DB)
    • Experience with native mobile development (e.g. iOS [preferred], Android) and data streaming technologies (e.g. Kafka)

Tip: Application Emails

We've noticed that people who include a brief description of themselves as well as their resume achieve better results than those who send a longer email when applying.