Junior Software Developer


As a Junior Software Engineer, you will join our interdisciplinary team to conceptualize and author the technologies that power our trading activities in financial markets. As an integral member of an aggressive and nimble company, you will have the opportunity to tackle challenges in programming, networking, technology, mathematics and finance. Your initial responsibilities will include the development and improvement of our growing queue of critical trading applications that add significant value to Valkyrie’s bottom line.

  • Bachelor’s degree or a strong foundation in computers and programming
  • Exceptional ability to produce clean, efficient code in C++ or C#
  • Experience in building complete, multi-threaded server-client applications
  • Knowledge of database and network technologies a plus
  • Ability and willingness to take full ownership (design, implement, test, deploy, maintain, iterate) of projects
  • Comfort resolving uncertainty and communicating for issue resolution
  • Willing to work on a collaborative team
  • Exemplary attention to detail and a deep interest in the financial industry
  • Vision to solve today’s problems while building future solutions
  • Entrepreneurial attitude with a keen attention to both structure and detail
  • Comfort with both Windows and Linux environments

Tip: Application Emails

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