Java Software Developer

We are looking for a new Java Software Developer with at least 5 years professional experience and a devops mindset. As a big company we use a lot of data sources to generate new insights and sales leads. You, as part of the SDE-Team, are responsible for supporting the existing infrastructure as well as creating new components, and for all steps that are required to ensure stable runs in the production environment. You need to be able to perform big scale data mining, verify data integrity as well as to transform it to various formats requested by stakeholders in order to support their operational work.

Your Job:

  • Collect and transform unstructured data from different sources to structured output utilizing public data sources and APIs
  • Apply known “best practice” / “lessons learned” knowledge to create reliable, multiple times a day running agents, aware of model changes and other possible occurring issues
  • Create reusable, maintainable, scalable (vertical, horizontal) integrations / services using a cutting edge hybrid cloud infrastructure as well as Java as main programming language
  • Collaborate well with team and stakeholders in agile iterative processes

Your profile:

  • You have an academic background with at least 6 semesters in an IT related field as well as at least 5 years professional experience with Java Full-Stack Development
  • You have a devops mindset and like working with Continuous Deployment
  • You are familiar with parsing structured and unstructured data and creation of ETL pipelines for data warehousing
  • You have knowledge about how to model data and processes, how to test data, how to implement a proper logging / troubleshooting
  • You have good knowledge with SQL, Bash / Shell Script, Web Development (especially deep understanding on how web servers / containers work as well as how HTTP clients work, as well as XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Tracking, tools like Firebugs / Web Developer)
  • You like clean code and have a strong foundation in OOP principles and design patterns
  • You have a good understanding on web security, web analysis, web performance, as well as relevant data formats and (wire) protocols
  • You are proficient in written and spoken English

Our offer:

  • Big data on a daily basis
  • A team that gets the job done using the best in breed cutting edge cloud services
  • The opportunity to work on interesting projects with varying challenges, applying best practices, and increasing your knowledge using different designs and architectures (i.e. Event driven architecture)
  • Work in a fast growing, agile company
  • Being part of a unique, professional, and culturally diverse team
  • Custom working setups (Mac / Linux / Windows), IDEs, laptops
  • Workshops, conferences, and training seminars to support our growing team

Tip: Application Emails

We've noticed that people who include a brief description of themselves as well as their resume achieve better results than those who send a longer email when applying.