Junior Web Development Developer


Ratio is looking for a junior Web Engineer to bring their creative problem-solving experience to desktop, tablet and mobile platforms. You’ll take ownership of projects by collaborating with clients throughout the planning and implementation of applications targeted to a wide array of industries and audiences, and be instrumental in the growth of a small team of cross-disciplinary web enthusiasts by bringing new web technologies and techniques to the table.


 Required Skills & Experience

  • JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • NodeJS, PHP or other server-side languages
  • MySQL or other relational database experience
  • Experience designing, building and consuming web services
  • Comfort with version control systems like Git or SVN
  • A good eye for engaging user experiences

Recommended Skills & Experience

  • Experience with AngularJS, React, Backbone or other Model-View-Whatever frameworks
  • Opinions about SASS, LESS or other CSS pre-processors
  • Familiarity with cloud hosting platforms like AWS or Azure
  • Background in WordPress or other popular content management systems
  • Experience with test-driven development

Tip: Application Emails

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