Freelance Developer

Havas Media


This position can be remote:
Havas looking to hire an entry level developer or creative technologist freelancer who can work on contract for 25-30 hours per week for 12 weeks. The tool has been built using the following frameworks/programming languages:
  • Backend
    • Linux command line
    • PHP
    • MySQL
  • Frontend
    • HTML/CSS
    • Javascript/JQuery

If we can find a full-stack developer who knows all of the above, that would be ideal, but the priority is on Backend (BE) experience. 
The scope of work would include:
  • Designing, planning, and technical spec creation of new product features
  • Rapid prototyping of new functionality, spanning data acquisition, data analysis, and data visualization
  • Engineering and refinement of existing functionality to improve speed and stability

The specifics of the project include:
  • Connecting via API to social publishers like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat
  • Designing a data architecture for storing social publisher data in a unified format despite the broad range of data structures across channel, content format, objective, and placement
  • Create automated scripts that run API queries and store data on a daily/weekly/mpnthly cadence
  • Develop custom algorithms for ranking content performance across quality, scale, and efficiency metrics
  • Generate simple and accessible data visualization that display and organize social data to help uncover insights
  • Generate scripts that turn visualizations into web and print assets for presentation
  • Develop a permissions and user management system

Tip: Application Emails

We've noticed that people who include a brief description of themselves as well as their resume achieve better results than those who send a longer email when applying.