Web Developer

San Francisco


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In this role, you'll work with designers, marketing professionals, product managers, and content writers at Apollo to develop marketing sites and interactive web experiences that form a large part of our company's public-facing communications. 

What you'll do

    • Develop our public facing websites based on mockups from a visual designer.
    • Work with people across the whole company to update web content quickly as needed.
    • Implement interactive website features like forms, spam-prevention CAPTCHAs, visualizations, animations, and navigation components.
    • Manage the tooling we use for building and deploying websites based on your needs, which might include a component library, CSS framework, static site generator, and deployment tools.
    • Ensure that our web properties are reliable and performant using common web performance tools such as Lighthouse.
    • Ensure that our web properties look great on all devices, and have the appropriate metadata for Google and common social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
    • Instrument our content with web analytics tools such as Google Analytics.
    • Expand your knowledge over time by gaining experience with JavaScript, React, and advanced web development frameworks.

About you

    • You care about the details, and love producing a polished result that you can be proud of.
    • You have a firm grasp of HTML and CSS, and enough JavaScript knowledge to implement some interactive features.
    • You're proactive about gathering requirements, content, and feedback from project stakeholders to ensure everyone is bought into the final result.
    • You have an eye for design, and feel comfortable making some design decisions on the fly during the implementation of a site.
    • You're excited about finding and learning better tools to make your work more efficient over time.
    • You have done web development in the past, and have some examples of your work.


Javascript, CSS
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