Job Developer

New Horizons
Los Angeles
Full Time


Team Building Health Insurance

Develops individual and group job placements in community employment for adults with developmental disabilities (consumers).

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Runs the job club for consumers waiting job placement and Vision for Tomorrow for consumers considering community employment.
  • Assesses consumer’s abilities, skills, limitations and preferences while they are in the Job Club to determine appropriate job placements.
  • Teaches consumers job search skills, including completing an application, interviewing, dressing appropriately, and appropriate workplace behavior and attitude.
  • Contacts employers in order to develop individual and group job placements. The expectation is that an average of at least two (2) individual placements will be made each month.

  • Other Duties & Responsibilities

  • Attends meetings as directed by the Director of Employment Services.
  • Supports the Agency’s mission and partners with others to accomplish the mission.
  • Maintains the highest professional and ethical standards at all times.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

  • Skills

    Javascript, HTML, CSS
    Tip: Application Emails

    We've noticed that people who include a brief description of themselves as well as their resume achieve better results than those who send a longer email when applying.