Graduate Software Developer

Full Time


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What you'll do

  • Depending on the team, you are responsible for the full stack of trading, control or central applications. In all teams you will be handling large sets of real time data, that require high performance and easily scalable systems. Your products need to provide the various business-units a dependable and rock-solid landscape to operate in.
  • Being part of our Trading Technology team means activities range from writing our automated trading strategies to developing ultra-low-latency exchange protocol encoders and decoders and helping our monitoring and analysis effort by creating user interfaces to provide the traders with more information and control.
  • Systems in our Control Technology team cover monitoring trading behavior, integrating our pre- and post-trade risk management with auto trading and processing the trade flow in order to do our P&L management.
  • Being part of our Core Technology team means you provide the trading groups with the services for storage and distribution of critical data such as instrument-definitions, pricing-data, trades and positions and we are responsible for tools and utilities used for monitoring the live production environment.

What you'll need

  • University degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Information Systems;
  • History of academic excellence;
  • Proficient in C++, C# or Java;
  • Knowledge of Python is a plus;
  • Ambition to grow through training and on-the-job development;
  • To be a team player with solid communication skills.


C++, C#, Java, Python
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