Web Developer

Full Time


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You will work in a highly collaborative development environment and develop complex code for front-end websites and/or integrations with other eCommerce systems.

Key objectives:

    • Primary focus: marketing department development efforts for web-based projects, implementing robust and lasting solutions.
    • Communicates clearly to conceptualize, prototype and deliver v1.0 marketing projects quickly. Iterates with quality and efficiency. Enjoys fast-paced environment and team collaboration, seeking feedback regularly.
    • Uses web best practices and experience to constantly improve customer-driven web experiences and web analytics to test results and ROI.
    • Maintain JavaScript libraries: ensuring they support engineering and creative needs.
    • Aware and experienced in software development best practices (HTML5, CSS3 & AJAX) and other technologies.
    • Awareness of Apple's mobile and tablet platform with the ability to build solutions that take advantage of the latest iOS features while remaining performant on the latest iOS devices.
    • Innovate: Build things that people will blog and tweet about.

Personal Competencies:

    • Demonstrate comfort with source & version control software and package managers (specifically Git).
    • Be well-versed in fundamental visual and interactive design disciplines.
    • Strive to use web standards to build solutions with semantic markup, templates (e.g. SASS).
    • Understanding all the major browsers and the special considerations required for the various quirks inherent to them is desired.
    • You are a competent JavaScript programmer who doesn't need to rely on libraries to accomplish innovative interactions.
    • You are aware of the interplay between JavaScript and HTML & CSS, and can dynamically create, modify, and style elements on a page with ease.
    • Experience with WebGL is a plus.
    • eCommerce experience is a plus.


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