Software Developer

Full Time


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At Cubits we want to build the future of finance. 

Your Role

  • You develop and maintain micro-services mostly written in Ruby and running in Docker containers
  • You help us to continuously improve our development process
  • You develop against different cryptocurrency implementations

Your Profile

  •  You have +10 years of professional development experience with a focus on backend
  •  You have a strong math background (degree from a strong CS/Math program)
  •  Solid understanding of basics and preferably a hands on experience in cryptography
  •  Strong interest in cryptocurrencies, understanding of technology basics, preferably a hands on experience
  •  Strong understanding of modern software architecture, focus on microservices architecture
  •  Some Ruby experience is preferable, But any of these count: Python, Java, Go, Scala, C/C++.
  •  You enjoy creating software in a team


Python, Java, Scala
Tip: Application Emails

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