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We’re BUX, a tech company that is rocking the world of finance. We launched our first app back in 2014 which now has 1.5 million users across Europe and billions of euros in transaction volume.

Why will you enjoy working for BUX?

  • You'll design, build, and maintain a system that is meant to scale. We went from 1000 to 1.5 million users with barely any hiccups. 
  • You'll work with an actor-based framework (similar to Akka), that is central to everything we do, and the heart of the scalability of our system.
  • We have a trading app that is accessible 24/7. We have very small maintenance window, so from a DevOps perspective you'll have the opportunity to think, plan, and execute the best ways to deploy our services.
  • Lastly, the business domain is interesting. You will learn how the financial system works on the inside.


We expect to see:

  • Proactive, self-starting, can-do mentality.
  • Proficiency in Java, with strong object-oriented design skills;
  • Working knowledge of the Spring framework;
  • An Agile mindset and working knowledge of the Scrum framework;
  • Experience with DevOps tools and procedures.

We like to see (but not required):

  • Experience with building scalable (clustered) systems;
  • Experience with puppet, messaging systems, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Cassandra, and RabbitMQ;
  • Knowledge of reactive, actor-based systems.


Elasticsearch, Kafka, Cassandra
Tip: Application Emails

We've noticed that people who include a brief description of themselves as well as their resume achieve better results than those who send a longer email when applying.