Android Developer

Full Time


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Picnic’s customers rely on the mobile app. They use it to buy their fresh, high quality, and weekly groceries. Our developers make their interaction quick and seamless - not a finger marathon!

What you do

  • Implement new features in our Android app while improving and iterating on existing features to be A/B tested weekly by real customers
  • Work with the backend team to ensure APIs are integrated and properly tested
  • Constantly search for the best user experience
  • Apply your knowledge to ensure a competitive and successful app
  • Ensure efficiency and creativity at each step of the product development cycle

What you need

  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science or equivalent
  • 2+ years of experience with Android in API level 16 and up
  • Strong Java and Android SDK development skills
  • Interest in Kotlin
  • Strong understanding of the Android ecosystem and its design patterns
  • Mental athleticism: Highly analytical and curious intellect
  • Superb communication: Ability to articulate technical problems and projects to all teams
  • Critical thinking and initiative: Hands-on, nothing-is-impossible mindset
  • For bonus points: Open-source contributions or projects

Technologies we use

  • Java, Kotlin, RxJava
  • Dagger, MVP, Robolectric
  • Espresso, Mockito


Java, Kotlin, RXJava
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