Web Developer

New York
Full Time


Team Building Skills Training Health Insurance

This activity will introduce an innovative machine learning framework, drawing on our unparalleled pool of transaction history, that will power the way illiquid fixed income securities are transacted in the future.


  • Ability to deliver excellent User Experiences (UX) and responsive User Interfaces (UI) across multiple browsers
  • Good understanding of the internals of Web protocols: TCP, HTTP, Websockets, REST
  • A solid understanding of object-oriented design and programming.
  • Solid skills in troubleshooting and debugging JavaScript applications in multiple browsers.
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and functional programming
  • Experience with one or more modern JavaScript ""frameworks"" (React, Backbone/Marionette, Angular, Ember).
  • Proficiency developing asynchronous code using Ajax/Websockets and promises
  • Passion for programming is a must
  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience.
  • Trading systems experience is a plus
  • Meaningful contributions to open source projects or interesting code on GitHub
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Working knowledge of Linux, Amazon AWS EC2/S3/RDS
  • You possess a deep sense of pride and will do whatever it takes for your team to succeed
  • You know how to optimize code for performance and memory usage.
  • You think hard about a problem before you start writing code.
  • You like to write beautiful code and you think coding is something creative
  • You are proactive and a have a problem-solving attitude: you never say ""I can't do that"" 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Create an entirely new real-time 
  • Trading Web UI from the ground up
  • Focus on visual appeal, responsiveness, performance, and usability
  • Participate in product design and provide input on usability early in the design phase
  • Produce prototypes to solicit real user feedback, utilize feedback to evolve the product iteratively
  • Build reusable UI elements including trading grids, dialogs, and screen navigation widgets
  • Build or adapt JavaScript frameworks for real-time browser connectivity, data parsing, error handling, message passing, etc.
  • Ensure all elements of the client code are covered by automated tests


Javascript, HTML, CSS
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