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Job Description

We have positions available for enthusiastic and experienced software developers for the development of our Linux-based cluster software environment. You will be part of a team responsible for the development of our Linux based cluster management software.

There will be ample opportunity to develop your skills and to take initiative. You will have the opportunity to work with the latest hardware (e.g. GPUs, Xeon Phi and high-speed interconnects such as InfiniBand, Omni Path and 40 Gig-E) and software technologies such as parallel filesystems (e.g. Lustre, GPFS, BeeGFS), Hadoop, Spark, OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Open vSwitch and Ceph.

Our development team consists of highly skilled developers that are passionate about building a  software product that meets our customers' needs today and in the future. With your help, we will be adding many new features to our product to allow Bright clusters to be used for a wider range of workloads, and to allow clusters to scale to hundreds of thousands of nodes (i.e. exascale). We will also target new CPU architectures such as ARM64 and Power8/9, and further integrate container technology into the product to allow workloads to scale up and down easily on-premise, and to public clouds.

Required and Desirable Skills


You are fluent in C++ and intimately familiar with object oriented software design, design patterns, and concurrent programming techniques. The quality of your work is important to you, so you take pride in producing extremely clean code. Furthermore, you are eager to learn and use new technologies.

Knowledge of Python, databases (SQL and NoSQL), JSON, XUL, Javascript,  AngularJS, OpenStack, Hadoop, Spark, and distributed programming would be beneficial, but is not strictly necessary.


Our cluster management software is based on Linux. You should be very familiar with the Linux operating system and in particular with networking concepts in Linux. In addition, you are familiar with the most common software that is part of a typical Linux installation.

General Skills

Bright Computing is a young but rapidly growing company. We require people who are not only very skilled, but who are also flexible, reliable, can take initiative, can deal with responsibility, and have a "can do" mentality.


JSON, Javascript
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